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China on the road from Mohan(China-Laos border) to Erenhot (China-Mongolia border)
  •   Title China  on the road from Mohan(China-Laos border) to   Erenhot (China-Mongolia border)
    ao's-Mohan-Jonghong-Dali-Lijiang-Shangri-la-Kunming-Guiyang-Chengdu-Xi'an-Pingyao-Beijing-Erenhot-Mongolia overland selfdriving tour  
       P.S. Self-drive from south to north China
     Duration 25 Days.                                                           
     Areas Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Shanxi, Shan’xi, Beijing, Inner Mongolia
     Itinerary Mohan-Jinghong-Lijaing-Dali- Kunming-Guiyang-Sanjiang-Yichang -Xi’an-Beijing-Erenhot
     Season whole year 
     Difficulty meduim
     Highlights China Tropical Botanic Garden, Lijiang ancient town, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Dali ancient city, Kunming, Stone Forest, Xingyi Karst landscape, Sanjiang Miao and Dong ethnic minority villages, Zhangjiajie National Park, Three Gorges Dam, Xi’an, Terra Cottas Warriors, Beijing Forbidden City, Heaven Temple, etc.
    Itinerary day by day
    01 Mohan/Mengna   Hotel
    Enter China, and deal with the related entry procedures. Then drive to Mengna and handle the vehicle and driving license process. If time permits and you are interested we can visit the nearby local ethnic minority villages and try the local food for dinner .
    02 Mengna/Mengxing/Jinghong 150km Hotel
    Ready to start this adventure. We can start visiting the Menglun Tropical Botanic Garden which is the largest  tropic botanic garden in China. About 3000 species of plants with more than 100 protected species. We also suggest a visit to the Ganlanba, the  “Imperial Garden Village,” and  the local Dai minority villages fill of abundant nature
    03 Jinghong---Puer---Nanjian 480kms Hotel
    A hard day, about 6-7 hours driving, but a surrealistic experience. The roads through mountains, villages, fields, tea gardens etc., you make you feel like you are dancing among the mountains and fields while you admire a breathtaking panorama.
    04 Nanjian---Dali---Lijiang 305kms Hotel
    In the morning we will visit the Dali ancient city and take time to see the Erhai Lake and other beautiful places nearby. Then in the afternoon, we drive to Lijiang.
    05 Lijiang---Tiger Leaping Gorge---Lijiang   Hotel
    From Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge we have 2-3 hours trekking at Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the most spectacular river canyons in the world. After this unforgettable excursion we head back to Lijiang.
    06 Lijiang   Hotel
    The whole day we will spend to visit. Lijiang , it is a colorful, romantic, ethnic and exotic city. Lijiang is one of the top 4 ancient cities in China. In 1996 following a terrible earthquake, it was made into a Unesco World Heritage Site .
    07 Lijiang---Dali---Kunming 560kms Hotel
    The afternoon we drive the expressway from Lijiang to Kunming and visit this historic city. If you are interested, we may visit the Dianchi Lake  nicknamed "Sparkling Embedded Pearl,” or the ethnic minority villages, or the flower market .
    08 Kunming—Stone forest—Shizong—Luoping—Xingyi 330 Hotel
    In the morning we may visit the famous Stone Forest. It’s called the "Stone Forest" because of a immense set of limestone "trees." Afterwords we will drive to Xingyi. We'll have to stay focused as it is possibile to lose ourselves in the beautiful Karst landscape of mountains and gorges along the way.
    09 Xingyi---Guiyang----Kaili 500 Hotel
    Next stop, 180kms to Anshun, a lovely city, and then visit the Huangguoshu Waterfall. The largest waterfall in China, it is famous for its amazing landscape. In the afternoon we will drive to Kaili via Guiyang. Kaili City is the centre of Miao culture, every year there are more than 120 festivals.
    10 Kaili---Rongjiang 170kms Hotel
    Drive to Rongjiang and visit the various minority villages along the way, such as the Langde Miao village, Xijiang Miao village.
    11 Rongjiang---Congjiang---Sanjiang 189kms Hotel
    Drive from Rongjiang to Sanjiang via Congjiang, visit  the Yao and Dong ethnic villages.
    during these two days, you will gain a deep understanding of China’s local people from their buildings, food, and folks.
    12 Sanjiang---Phoenix Ancient town 395kms Hotel
    After a visit Sanjiang’s Chengyang,  "Wind and Rain Bridge," a distinctive wood bridge built on the river and completed in 1912, we are ready to go to Phoenix Ancient town. Born on the banks of Tuojiang River, it’s a fairytale place surrounded by rocks where unique houses are built.
    13 Phonix ---Jishou---Zhangjiajie 232 Hotel
    A quick stop to Phoenix and then we drive to Zhangjiajie in the afternoon where we stop for 1day.
    Zhangjiajie's three character name can be translated as“Zhang family homeland." It is home to the most beautiful mountains in China
    14 Zhangjiajie---Jingzhou---Yichang 505kms Hotel
    Ready to leave Zhangjiajie, we will drive about 6 hours by expressway to Yichang.
    15 Yichang—Xiangfan---Nanyang 390kms Hotel
    During the morning we will visit the the famous Three Gorges Dam. It is the largest hydroelectric operation in terms of annual energy generation at Yichang. After that we will drive to Nanyang.
    16 Nanyang---Xi’an 430kms Hotel
    We will drive to Xi’an in the morning, 430kms on expressway.
    We will visit the famous Terra Cotta Warriors in the afternoon and then drive to Xi’an city, 50kms away.
    17 Xi’an   Hotel
    The Whole day we will visit Xi’an city. It is possible to admire history everywhere here, because Xi’an has been the capital of China in over 10 dynasties. We suggest a visit to the hundred year old city wall, drum tower, bell tower, and the Chinese History museum (one of the 3 best in China).
    18 Xi’an---Pingyao 570kms Hotel
    We will drive to Pingyao on the expressway, 570kms, about 7-8 hours driving.
    19 Pingyao---Taiyuan—Datong 380km  
    Pingyao ancient city, one of the classic examples of northern style ancient cities in China. Every year, a photography festival is held here because it is the perfect  place to capture the beauty of ancient China. Then it is back on the expressway to Datong.
    20 Datong---Great Wall   Hotel
    An early morning visit to the Datong Grottoes and in the afternoon we will go directly to Great Wall. A guaranteed success!
    21 Great Wall---Beijing   Hotel
    Here we are in Beijing, the capital city. We will visit the Forbidden City, the Heaven Temple, the Olympic Games Stadiums, etc.
    22 Beijing   Hotel
    All day is free.
    23 Beijing---Erenhot   Hotel
    We will drive to Erenhot, the border port,today. About 9 hours on expressway .
    24 Erenhot---Mongolia   Hotel
    Exit China at Erenhot port, (China-Mongolia) border.
    Note 1, This itinerary may be a little tight for some guests as time at each spot will be limited. If you want to relax, and take in all the aspects of each stop, you may want to consider a different tour.
    2, If you want a personalized tour, we can fix up the itinerary according to your personal needs. 
    3, If you join the group, we have to consider all the guests’ needs. Furthermore, if you have any questions about the route conditions and driving time, please contact us.
                                           Note : for inquiry or booking tour  please directly send the mail on info@mytourin.com  ,thank you ! 

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