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China on the road from Irkstan (China-Kyrgyzstan border) to Shanghai (Marine Port)
  • Title  Tour code03:China on the road from Irkstan (China-Kyrgyzstan border) to Shanghai (Marine Port)
    Kyrgyzstan-Irkstan-Kashgar-Hetian-Turpan-Donghuang-Lanzhou-Xi'an-Nanjing-Shanghai 24days over land tour 
    P.S. Self-drive from west to east China
    Duration 24 Days.
    Areas Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Shanxi, Henan, Jiangsu, Shanghai
    Itinerary Irkstan-Kashgar-Taklamakan-Turpan-
    Season Marche to Oct
    Difficulty Medium 
    Highlights Kashgar Bazzar, Mosque, Abakh Hodja Tomb, Taklamakan Desert, Turpan Grape Valley, Flaming mountains, Sugong tower, Karze, Dunhuang Mogao Cave, Xi’an, Terra Cottas Warriors, Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottos, Suzhou Gardens, Shanghai 2010 World Expo etc.
    Itinerary day by day
    01 Irkstan---Kashgar   Hotel
    Enter China, and deal with the related entry procedures. Drive to Kashgar.
    02 Kashgar   Hotel
    Kashgar is located in an oasis in Taklamakan desert. It is a historical trading post along the Silk Road. Kashgar has the most interesting weekly bazars (Sunday Bazar,Camel Market) ,equally important are The Idkar Mosquee and the Abakh Hodja Tomb .
    Note  The best time to visit the mosque is on Friday. We try to match up one of them.
    03 Kashgar/Yecheng 260kms Hotel
    Beinga place full of wonder,we will spend our morning in Kashgar and in the afternoon we will drive to Yecheng located on the outer edge of Taklama desert.
    04 Yecheng---Hetian 260km Hotel
    In the morning we will drive to Hetian. In the afternoon, we will explore this city that is renown for its white jade and for its interesting Market.
    05 Hetian—Mingfeng 300kms Hotel
     Mingfeng is the beginnnning of the famous desert road Taklamakan. Crossing this desert by the car we can admire a beautiful sunset.
    06 Mingfeng----Luntai 560kms Hotel
    It is a challeng all day drive today; from Mingfeng to Luntai.
    07 Luntai/Kuerle/Turpan 530km Hotel
    Next stop Turpan.The most exotic city along the Silk Road with characteristic scenery. Then pass through Kuerle famous fo its delicious pears.
    08 Turpan   Hotel
    Visit Turpan, the ancient city of Jiaohe, Sugong Tower, the Grape Valley, Kaner Well, and the Flaming Mountains
    09 Turpan/Shanshan/Hami 390km Hotel
    Visit the oldest Uygur villiage---Maza Villiage in Tuyu valley, Visit the desert park near Shanshan and the Hami King Tomb.
    10 Hami/ Dunhuang 400km Hotel
    In the morning we will drive to Dunhuang. Its name means “shining lighthouse," because it was the last oasis for travelers heading to the West.
    We will see the famous Grottos and the Mingsha Sand dunes this afternoon.
    11 Dunhuang /Jiayuguan/Zhangye 620km Hotel
    We will drive to Jiayuguan on the expressway (about 4 hours) in the morning to Jiayuguan Pass---the end of a thousand miles. In the afternoon we can stroll within the walls of one of the Seven World Wonders, the Great Wall. After that, we will take the expressway, about 2-3 hours to Zhangye
    12 Zhangye/Mingle/Xining 350km Hotel
    A visit to Zhangye Dafo Temple takes up our morning and then we drive directly to Xining. We will enter the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, "the Roof of the World,' with its enscarpment of mountans, it's lakes, and nomadic people.
    13 Xining/Qinghaihu Lake 300km Hotel
    In the morning we will drive to Taer Monastery (50kms away from Xining) one of the 6 holy monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism Yellow Sect. It is a wonderful experience because you can perceive the mysterious Tibetan culture here. From Taer Monastery to Qinghaihu Lake, the largest salt lake in China and very beautiful. We may stay at a hotel, hostel, or camp by the lake side depending on the weather.
    14 Qinghaihu-Xining-Lanzhou 390km Hotel
    Visit Qinghaihu Lake and then drive to Lanzhou on the expressway.
    15 Lanzhou---Tianshui 330kms Hotel
    In the morning we drive to Tianshui and visit the famous Maijishan Grottos during the afternoon.
    16 Tianshui---Xi’an 395kms Hotel
    We will drive to Xi’an on the expressway and stop in the city of Xi’an. 
    17 Xi’an   Hotel
    Today we will visit the Terra Cotta Worriors. Housed in numerous underground vaults, some 7,000 figures of warriors and their horses that were originally made more than 2,000 years ago are on display. You will also get a chance to witness the Circle Vision Documentary on the history of the site and to view the bronze chariots and horses sculpture, the most precious centerpiece of the Terracotta Warriors Museum. We will also go to the Shanxi Historical Museum which is one of the 3 best historical museums in China.
    18 Xi’an---Luoyang---Dengfeng   Hotel
    We will drive to Luoyang and visit the Longmen Grottos and the Baima Temple,
    19 Dengfeng---Xuzhou   Hotel
    Next stop Dengfeng Shaolin Temple and then drive to Xuzhou in the afternoon on the expressway. Xuzhou is famous for its river activities during the15th and 16th centuries.
    20 Xuzhou---Nanjing   Hotel
    Next stop, Nanjing. It was the capital of China for a long time and is recognized as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. It was ranked second among the ‘City with more sustainable development” thanks to its location in the Yangtze River Delta. In addition to beeing a tourist destination, the city has hosted the Summer Youth Oliympic Games
    21 Nanjing---Suzhou   Hotel
    It the morning we will leave Nanjing and drive to Suzhou, the most important city for the silk industry during the Song Dinasty. The city is also famous for its stone bridges, pagodas, and wonderful gardens. We will visit Gardens and the Tongli Water Village during the afternoon.
    22 Suzhou---Shanghai   Hotel
    Leaving the ancient city atmosphere, we will get into the bright city of Shangai.
    23 Shanghai   Hotel
     The whole day is dedicated to Shanghai.
    24 Shanghai   Hotel
    Drive the vehicle up to customs, where our guide will arrange for you exit license.
    Note 1.You may choose if exit from China by ship, passing Tianjin port or driving via Erenhot to Mongolia by car
    2. This itinerary may be a little tight for some guests. If you want to relax, consider all the aspects of each spot, you may want to consider a different tour. We try to make the tour full of visits and show you different things within a limited time. 
    3. If you want to personalize the tour, we can change the itinerary according to your personal needs. 
    4. If you join the group, we have to consider all the guests’ needs. Furthermore. 
     If you have any question about the route condition and driving time, please contact us
                                        Note: for   inquiry or booking this tour please send e-mail as info@mytourin.com ,Thank you !

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