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China on the road from Mohan to Kashgar
  • Code Id NAVO-D-311 (Mohan—Kashgar)
    Title  China on the road from Mohan to Kashgar
    P.S. Self-driving from south China to west China;
    Duration 24 days
    Areas Yunnan, Sichuan, Shanxi, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang
    Itinerary Mohan—Mengla—Jinghong—Kunming—
    Chengdu—Xi’an—Qinghaihu Lake-
    Lanzhou-Dunhuang — Turpan—
    Difficulty 5-3
    Highlights Kashgar Bazzar, Turpan Grape Valley, Gaocang ancient town, Sugong Tower, Maza minority village, Hami King Tomb, Dunhuang Mogao Grottos, Jiayuguan Great Wall, Qinghaihu Lake, Taer Monastery, Lanzhou, Xi’an ancient city, Terra-Cottas Warriors, Chengdu, Panda Research Base, Bamboo Forest in Southern Sichuan, Yunnan Stone Forest, Yuanyang Rice-Terrace, Jinghong, the tropical Botanic Garden, Minorities villages etc.
    Observation Site Introduction This is a classical route from Laos-China border to west China, the middle and west Asia countries. You can drive from the south tropical forests to the west Gobi and desert area, from the south Silk Road to the north Silk Road, from the ethnic minorities in south to the ancient city—Xi’an and famous Kashgar. 

    NOTE:Since the driving tour is a special and flexible tour, and the route is for reference, and we may adjust it according to your prefference.
    Itinerary day by day
    01 Mohan/Mengna
      Enter China, and deal with the related procedures. Drive to Mengna.
    02 Mengna/Mengxing/Jinghong (200km)
      Ready to start this adventure. We can start visiting the Menglun Tropical Botanic Garden which is the largest  tropical botanic garden in China. About 3000 species of plants with more than 100 protected species. We also suggest a to visit the Ganlanba, the “Imperial Garden Village,” and then the local Dai minority villages full of abundant nature.
    03 Jinghong---Yuanjiang (350km)
      Drive to Yuanjiang and visit the highest bridge in the world “Yuanjiang High Bridge”.
    04 Yuanjiang—Honghe---Yuanyang (140km)
      Visit the Yuanyang, a famous destination for photographers because of its vast expanse of Rice terraces, cultivated over the years by Hani people. The terraces are mainly between 1000 an 2000 meters above sea level.
    05 Yuanyang—Jianshui (90km)
      Visit the Jianshui ancinet city, important transportation crossroad
    06 Jianshui---Stone Forest—Kunming (240km)
      Visit the Stone forest near Kunming. Rocks of limetone resemble big petrified trees. In 2007 they were proclaimed a Word Heritage Site by UNESCO. Then we continue our drive to Kunming.
    07 Kunming—Zhaotong—Bamboo Forest in Southern Sichuan (640km)
      A long drive today.
    08 Bamboo Forest in Southern Sichuan---Yibin---Chengdu (410km)
      In the morning we will visit the Bamboo Forest National Park with 400km high bamboo shoots, and then, in the afternoon we will drive to Chengdu.Chengdu is the famous city of leisure, the capital of ancient Shu Kingdom. Nearby is the nature reserve and research center on the giant panda
    Note: The famous Leshan and Mt. Emei shan is near this road, if you are interested, we may add 2-3days. Leshan is famous for its giant buddha. It is the largest stone buddha in sitting gesture in the world. The buddha was carved into the cliff-face, and towers 71 meters high. Mt. Emeishan is one of the top 4 buddhist mountains in China, you can see the sea of clouds, the grand Buddha at the mountain summit, the grand buddha hall, the wild monkeys, the graceful forests, beautiful rivers, etc.
    09 Chengdu---Langzhong (440km)
      If you are interested, you may visit the Chengdu Panda Research Base which is one of the highlights of theChengdu tour, because Sichuan is the hometown of Panda bears. Then we will drive to Langzhong ancient town where its culture and arcitecture are well preserved.
    10 Langzhong---Jiange---Guangyuan (220km)
      Visit Langzhong and Jiange.
    11 Guangyuan-- Ningqiang/Hanzhong/Xi’an (560km)
      Drive from Ningqiang to Xi'an.
    12 Xi’an
      Visit Xi’an's Terra Cotta Worriors. Housed in numerous underground vaults, some 7,000 figures of warriors and their horses that were originally made more than 2,000 years ago are on display. You will also get a chance to witness the Circle Vision Documentary on the history of the site and to view the bronze chariots and horses sculpture, the precious centerpiece of the Terracotta Warriors Museum, then the Shanxi Historical Museum, which is one of the 3 best historical museums in China
    13 Xi’an—Lanzhou. (600km)
      A long drive from Xi'an to Lanzhou
    14 Lanzhou---Kumbum—Qinghaihu (420km)
      Visit the famous Taer Monastery which is one of the top 6 monasteries of yellow sect Tibetan Buddhism. Then drive to Qinghaihu Lake.
    15 Qinghaihu---Mingle (480km)
      Visit the Ginghaihu Lake (Blue Lake) and Birds Island then drive to Mingle.
    16 Mingle—Zhangye--Jiayuguan (310km)
      Next stop Zhangye.This city houses the Chinese Rally Championship race on a circuit built through the deserts of the city.
    17 Jiayuguan/Dunhuang (385km)
      Visit Jiayuguan dominated by a fortress,which is the western part of the Great Wall.
    18 Dunhuang/Hami (400km)
      Visit the Dunhuang Grottos, with 492 temples carved into the rock and the fantastic experience of the Mingsha Sand dunes.
    19 Hami/Shanshan/Turpan (390km)
      Visit the Hami King Tomb and the desert park, and the oldest Uygur village---Maza Village in Tuyu valley near Shanshan.
    20 Turpan (390km)
      Visit Turpan, the Flaming Mountains, Jiaohe ancient city, Sugong Tower, the Grape Valley, Kaner Well, etc.
    21 Turpan/Kuerle/Kuche (640km)
      A long drive on a good road.
    Note: The Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes at Kuche and the Kuche Grand Valley are caves of unique beauty; If you are interested, we can may add one day more at Kuche for visit them.
    22 Kuche/Aksu/Kashgar (690km)
      A hard day; we will drive more than 690 km along the beautiful Xinjiang Gobi.
    23 Kashgar (Sunday)
      Visit Kashgar Sunday Market , the Mosquee Idkar, and Abakh Hodja Tomb
    Note: The bazaar on Sunday at Kashgar is very famous.
    24 Kashgar---Exit
      Exit China from Kashgar.
    Note: There are 3 border ports near Kashgar. They are Tourgat(Kyrgyzstan border), Irkshtan (Kyrgyzstan border) and Kunjerab (Pakistan border). You may choose one of them according your curiosity.

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