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Tour code-MTS03:10days enjoyable the Chinese tea culture tour
    Summary:Tea is a simple beverage, and one that has long been central to the lives of millions of people, originally in the East, and now virtually worldwide. China, the homeland of tea, is a leading producer and consumer, and the discovery and usage of tea has a history of four or five thousand years. For a long time, tea was used as an herbal medicine, drinking tea first started to become popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and has continued into contemporary times. Tea developed form the earliest fresh-boiled tea taken as a kind of soup, to later dried-and-preserved teas, and from simple green tea to the blending of six major kinds of tea.
    Highlight: Shanghai city landmark.Yu garden ,  Shanghai bund ,Hangzhou Longjing tea factory. West Lake .Gulangyu island .The South China famous Buddhist  temple -Nanputuo temple.
    the China famous tea planting camp-Wuyishan.
    Best visit season:  whole  years 

    Day 01 Shanghai/Yixing

    In the morning, you will drive from Shanghai to Yixing around 3hrs, the most famous worldwide for its purple sad pottery production, among which teapots are the major product. You will visit the local pottery history museum, pottery research institute and purple sand village where you can see a lot of family-based workshops of pottery production. In addition, you will pay a visit to the biggest state-owned pottery factory.   Overnight in Yixing

    Day 02 Yixing/Hangzhou
    Today you'll drive 2.5-3hrs to Hangzhou, China is the birthplace of tea with the longest history of tea culture. Today tea culture is a bright pearl in traditional Oriental culture. Longjing tea which is produced in Hangzhou is known as green, fragrance, good looking and good taste. Spend a touring Longjing, the village where Longjijng (Dragon Well) tea is made. Hike through tea fields and visit the China National Tea Museum, with a stop by a garden of varietals of tea bushes from all over China. The China National Tea Museum has no external walls but is enclosed by vegetation giving the unique impression that the halls and the tea plants inside depend upon each other. Additionally, one hundred distinctive Chinese characters relating to tea are enchased in the road to add color to your trip. Today, you will have the opportunity to taste the tea cuisine with the food cooked by newly picked and processed tea leaves.  Overnight in Hangzhou

    Day 03 Hangzhou
    In the morning, you will go to Meijiawu Tea Village, an ancient village with a history of more than 600 years. Meijiawu Tea Village in particular is reputed for its history of serving exquisite tea. This picturesque village will enable you to experience the pleasure of a perfect cup of tea, watch several tea ceremonies (very elaborate, very sophisticated) and most interestingly select tea under professional supervision. Chinese tea can be of different varieties, Longjin Tea, or Dragon Well tea, known as the best green tea in China, is one of the best kinds of tea in China. It is not a secret that agricultural fields can be really picturesque in China, such as the rice paddies and terraces. The tea plantations at Meijiawu Village are as good as them, if not better. Neatly planted rows of tea bushes line up the hillside; meandering soil paths, like brown threads, sew the pieces of green together; villagers pick up tea sprouts in their wide-brimmed straw hats. March to May is busy season in Meijiawu. Enjoy your afternoon relaxing tour covers the visit to West Lake and Lingying Temple.  Overnight in Hangzhou

    Day 04 Hangzhou-Fuzhou by bullet train at 5-5.5hrs
    Take the bullet train from Hangzhou to Fuzhou about 5-5.5 hrs. Upon arrival in Fuzhou, meet and transfer to visit the Fanchuangpu Church, which is the earliest port to the world in ancient China, most of tea was exported from here in Qing dynasty hundred years ago. Fuzhou city is notorious for her best Jasmine Tea. If time permit, you'll be arranged to visit the Chunlun Jasmine Tea garden.  Overnight in Fuzhou

    Day 05 Fuzhou-Anxi-Xiamen
    After breakfast, transfer to Anxi (53km, 1hr) to see famous Oolong tea plantation. In 18th century, most oolong tea was produced here and export to UK. You can take a photograph of all the tea garden, tasting the best Oolong tea. Bus transfer to Xiamen (135km, 1hr) and check into hotel. Evening free activities in the Zhongshan Shopping Road.  Overnight in Xiamen

    Day 06 Xiamen
    Spend your day today in Xiamen to explore the Gulangyu Island, also called "the Garden on the Sea" by people in Xiamen, which is a world of sea breezes, sunshine and exotic architecture with a Mediterranean flavor. Nanputuo Temple, among the four well-known Buddhist shrines in China, has the longest and most prestigious history, and then wanders through the Circle Ring Road.      Overnight in Xiamen

    Day 07 Xiamen-Nanjing-Yongding
    After breakfast, visit the World Cultural Heritage Tianluokeng Hakka Earth Building Cluster (1.5-2hrs). See from the hill, you'll find this miracle looks like a table of Chinese dishes (Photo Stop). Then visit Yuchang Building. Random walk in the Taxia village, enjoy the cultural of Hakka. Lunch with local flavor. Then transfer to Yongding, Tour the Yongding Hakka Building Cultural Village, one of the "World Cultural Heritage". Visit Zhencheng Building, Kuiju Building, Rusheng Building and Fuyu Building. You can see the traditional Hakka brewing technique of the wine of rice. Family visit, join the baked procedure of black tea.     Overnight in Yongding

    Day 08 Chuxi-Xiamen/Wuyishan
    In the morning, transfer to back Xiamen airport (about 3.5-4hrs) for your flight to Wuyishan. Pick up, and go ahead to Dahongpao plantation, which is the best Oolong tea in the world. There are only two such tea tree on the earth, so it’s rare. You can see the historical of Dahongpao Tea.
    Overnight in Wuyishan
    Day 09 Wuyishan
    Tour the Mount Wuyi (Wu Yi Shan) today, which may enlighten you with its wonderland tour. Its beautiful mountains, vigorous rocks and limpid waters are legendary. The Mount Wuyi is famous for its natural conservation of a large number of ancient plant species, wild animals and reptiles, many of which are peculiar to China. Its tranquil beauty and intact environment offer a refuge to the primitive forest, so it is called the 'Natural Arboretum'. The farewell dinner will be served with the tea banquet.
    Overnight in Wuyishan

    Day 10 Wuyishan-Shanghai
    This morning, you can go ahead to take photo in Wuyishan Ancient Town, which is the tea road origin in Ming Dynasty. This afternoon, you will visit Wuyishan Tea EXPO Garden; you can view different kind of Tea tree in this Garden. Fly to Shanghai in the evening.
                                                                                    Tour cost 
    classic 1pax 2pax 3pax 4pax 5pax 6pax 7pax 8pax 9pax above 10pax single supplement
    price $1960 $1350 $1320 $1290 $1255 $1215 $1170 $1125 $1070 $1020 $470

    The cost include:
    1 Accommodation fee for a 3 star hotel  basic on twin share with breafast mention as per itinerary.
    2 Meals mention as per program 
    3 All entrance mention as per itinerary .
    4 Transportation fee throughout the trip  also include airport  airport and train station pick up and drop off.
    5 English speak throught out the trip
    The  cost does not include :
    1 International airfare 
    2 Personal expensive 
    3 Tip 
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